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Letting Go in the New Year

For months, I had been telling my husband we needed to get rid of our second car. We don't need two cars. He uses MARTA and I can walk to work if I need to. It was also getting to be too expensive to fix and had really been costing more than it was [...]

Letting Go in the New Year2017-12-29T09:44:33-05:00

What Physical Therapy Taught Me About Psychotherapy

Last winter I couldn't move my neck. My muscles just didn't want to work. It started out slowly where I would wake up with shoulder pain or my neck was a little stiff. I tried to do yoga and take hot showers to relax my muscles but nothing seemed to work. It got so [...]

What Physical Therapy Taught Me About Psychotherapy2018-02-01T12:44:04-05:00

Self-Care For Real Life

Practicing self-care sounds like it should be fun and easy, yet we consistently find ourselves overworked and feeling like we have no time. A young woman who died in 2013 from "overwork" has been in the news recently after one of Japan's broadcasting companies, NHK, reported it. This woman, Miwa Sado, reportedly worked 159 hours [...]

Self-Care For Real Life2017-12-05T19:06:14-05:00

Anticipatory Grief and Anxiety

As I'm writing this, my 18 year old blind, deaf, poodle that has been my best friend for the past 16 years is snoring loudly next to me. She and I have been through everything together: first boyfriends, first breakups, first apartments, new cities, and that one time we went rafting down the Chattahoochee [...]

Anticipatory Grief and Anxiety2022-05-25T13:15:55-04:00
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