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Upcoming Groups:

The past year and a half have been hard enough for teens. Don’t bring more stress home by arguing about homework. Get your high schooler the support they need with this in-person, skill building group.
Participants will:
*Discuss issues preventing them from reaching their academic potential
*Learn skills to improve focus and learning capabilities
*Use those skill during a designated homework period with support to help them stay on track
****That’s right! Your teen will come home with work done!****
Email to register and for more details.
Masks and proof of vaccination are required for everyone’s safety. Snacks will be provided!

Past Groups:

Calming the Anxious Mind

A Therapeutic Group for Middle Schoolers

About: Managing Anxiety for Middle Schoolers is a 7 week therapeutic group for your middle schooler to learn about anxiety, how it affects them, and ways to manage it so they can be successful in school and in their day to day life. Middle school brings on a lot of feelings of insecurity and fears of failure. You may notice your once confident and outgoing child starting to withdraw as they begin to experience more pressures. The end of the school year can increase these feelings of anxiety and make your child even more anxious about starting back to school in the fall. Using games, creative activities, and discussion, this group will help them end the school year with more confidence by teaching them how to effectively identify their anxiety, communicate their feelings in a healthy way, and learn practical skills they can use at home and at school to manage their anxiety.

Confident, Relaxed, and Ready for Success

Academic Achievement and Wellness Groups

for Middle and High Schoolers

About: Are you tired of arguing with your child about homework? Are you tired of feeling like your child never gets anything done and the work keeps adding up? This group, one for middle schoolers and one for high schoolers, will support your child with getting their work done while learning skills to be more efficient and focused with school work. Your child will develop positive habits early in the school year to help them be successful.
The first hour of group will be spent addressing the blocks that stand in the way of getting homework done including anxiety, depression, attention, and struggles with organization and goal setting. The second hour will be spent putting those skills to work– your child will have a quiet space to work on their homework with support from a therapist who will help them stay focused on their goals.
There is a maximum of 4 children per group.