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Self-Care When It Feels Like The World Is Falling Apart

Recently, it has felt like there is nothing good going on in the world. From national news of school shootings, families being ripped apart, and feeling like our country is constantly on the verge of war, to more local news about car wrecks or violent robberies, we're left feeling feeling some combination of overwhelmed, angry, [...]

Self-Care When It Feels Like The World Is Falling Apart2022-05-25T13:14:24-04:00

Helping Your Teen Manage Anxiety

Having a teenager is hard. Having a teenager who is struggling with anxiety can feel impossible. Irritability, mood swings, and skipping school can all be normal teen behaviors. But they can also be signs that something more serious is going on. The New York Times Magazine recently published an article on the apparent increase in [...]

Helping Your Teen Manage Anxiety2022-05-25T13:15:26-04:00

When Life Gets Turbulent

One Spring, when I was still in college, I was flying back home into the Atlanta airport to visit with my family. I hate flying. I hate feeling out of control. I hate turbulence. I hate when I'm not next to the window because I can't see what's going on. It's miserable for me. [...]

When Life Gets Turbulent2022-05-25T13:15:40-04:00

Anticipatory Grief and Anxiety

As I'm writing this, my 18 year old blind, deaf, poodle that has been my best friend for the past 16 years is snoring loudly next to me. She and I have been through everything together: first boyfriends, first breakups, first apartments, new cities, and that one time we went rafting down the Chattahoochee [...]

Anticipatory Grief and Anxiety2022-05-25T13:15:55-04:00
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