Play Therapy

Meet our brand new play therapist, Wendy Fritz!

Support your child's emotions and behaviors through play.

Young children struggle with managing emotions and communicating needs. When something is bothering them, it can feel impossible to figure things out. 

Play therapy is a form of counseling that utilizes play as a means of communication and expression for children. It provides a safe and supportive environment where children can freely explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through play. By engaging in play, children can express themselves in a way that may be difficult through traditional talk therapy.

Benefits of Play Therapy

Emotion Regulation:

Play therapy helps children develop essential emotional regulation skills. Through play, they can learn to identify and express their emotions in a healthy and constructive manner. This process enables them to better understand and manage their feelings, improving emotional well-being.

ADHD Support: 

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often struggle with impulse control, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness. Play therapy provides a structured and engaging environment that helps children with ADHD develop self-control, focus, and concentration skills. Through play, they can learn to manage their impulses and improve their ability to stay on task.

Autism Spectrum Support:

Play therapy can be particularly beneficial for children on the Autism Spectrum or who are neurodivergent. It helps them develop social skills, improve communication, and enhance their ability to engage in imaginative play. By working with a trained play therapist, children with Autism can learn to navigate social interactions, understand non-verbal cues, and help with the parent/child relationship.

Our highly trained play therapist is also trained in AutPlay Therapy which you can learn more about here.

School and Peer Problems:

Play therapy can address various school-related and peer problems that children may encounter. It provides a safe space for children to explore and process their experiences, helping them develop problem-solving skills, build self-confidence, and improve their relationships with peers. Play therapy can also assist children in coping with academic challenges and adjusting to new environments.

Play Therapy Is An Opportunity for Your Child to Express Their Authentic Self

Play therapy offers a unique and effective approach to support children's emotional growth and development. By engaging in play, children can express themselves, learn essential skills, and overcome challenges they may face. If your child is struggling with emotion regulation, ADHD, Autism, school-related issues, or peer problems, consider exploring the benefits of play therapy. With the guidance of a skilled play therapist, your child can embark on a transformative journey toward improved emotional well-being and a brighter future.

Our Process

At Firefly Wellness Counseling, therapy is customized to meet our clients’ needs. Parents will first book an intake session that will help their therapist better understand presenting struggles and goals for counseling. Parents are also involved throughout the therapy process as needed to give the child the best chance at success. 

Our Approach

Throughout therapy, you and your child will gain valuable insight into the patterns or behaviors that are keeping them from feeling their best. This process will help you all better understand their emotions so that you can cope and communicate better.

Our practice has a fully stocked play therapy room where your child can use figures to act out stressful situations, work on getting aggression out, or practice communication with dolls.

picture of a child playing with a sandtray

Maybe You Have Questions About Play Therapy…

Play therapy is too expensive.

Counseling is an investment, but it can yield excellent results. While therapy is most effective when clients commit to ongoing weekly sessions, we will work with your budget on a schedule that makes sense for you. If you can only afford intermittent sessions, let us know, and we will figure out the best way to move forward. In addition, we offer reimbursement options for clients with insurance. Click here to check your Out of Network Benefits: https://mentaya.com/checkbenefits/YRhbKzXfdQgdDzbCOvI7.

The first intake session is $250 and is 75 minutes long. This guarantees that we can provide you and your child with the most appropriate care. Ongoing sessions are $200 each and are 45 minutes long. This includes the expertise of our clinician as well as recommendations to support your family.

As a busy family with many obligations, I don’t have time for counseling.

We understand that you have many commitments and that the idea of therapy might feel overwhelming for your family's current schedule. However, your child learning skills and exploring emotions in a safe space will ultimately free up the time you’re family might have spent feeling anxious, depressed, or arguing. Play therapy in some cases can even be done online depending on your child's needs.

Learn Lifelong Skills That Can Help You Feel Happier

If you’re a parent of a child who is troubled by their change in behaviors, counseling is an effective way to explore and process emotions. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. Or, if you are ready to move forward, you can book here.


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