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Mindfully Managing the Summer Blues

Summer is supposed to be fun, right? Warm weather, BBQs, trips to the beach, plenty of sunshine, time with family- what's not to love? Well, plenty. In fact, research shows that rates of suicide and depression actually go up during the spring and summer. Summer is tough because it can feel like everyone is [...]

Mindfully Managing the Summer Blues2022-05-23T14:37:25-04:00

Bringing Depression Out Of The Shadows

By the time I had graduated high school, I'd known four people who committed suicide and many more who attempted. These were siblings of friends, parents of friends, and friends. At funerals, the talk was always "But they were so loved" or "Didn't they think about their family?" or "But they were so successful" [...]

Bringing Depression Out Of The Shadows2022-05-23T14:55:49-04:00
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