Yoga and Mindfulness Skills Group for Anxiety and ADHD

with crys hardy, therapist

and chel xi, yoga instructor

Who will benefit

From this Group

This group is ideal for children 8-11 who are struggling with anxiety and/or attention in school. Mindfulness and yoga can help children learn to rewire their brains to be more present in the moment, in turn, helping them improve focus and impulse control.

What to expect

From this Group

In this mindfulness-based group, co-facilitated by chel xi, yoga instructor, and crys hardy, licensed professional counselor, the participants will be guided through mindfulness skill building with yoga and hands-on tools for managing frustration and anxiety, managing their attention, improving memory and self-esteem.

At the end of this 6-week group, your child will leave with a better understanding of how their anxiety and/or ADHD symptoms impact them and a customized toolkit to help them on their journey. 


Starting February 5

Mondays at 4-5 PM for 6 weeks



*please let us know if this is a hardship for you



Kentucky St

Scottdale, GA



chel xi

yoga instructor

chel xi is a mental health-informed Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with a dedicated yoga practice since 2015. She is trained in Kemetic Yoga and merges those teachings with her journey in Hatha Yoga practice. She also carries clinical continuing education training in somatics and behavioral mental health. chel xi’s experience within various healing spaces has sculpted a uniquely soothing and restorative teaching style - emphasizing mindfulness, body awareness, and a comforting pace. Her experience, diverse training, and passion for youth and mental health are sure to bring a refreshing and interactive flavor to healing spaces. 

crys hardy

licensed professional counselor

crys hardy is and Licensed Professional Counselor who holds two degrees in ASL/Interpreting and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. They are pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Neuropsychology. They center their work on holistic tools grounded in meaningful safety, autonomy, and healing. They've completed continuing education in assessments, trauma processing and recovery approaches (e.g., forced immigration, domestic violence, sexual assault, relational trauma), Deaf mental health care, transdiagnostic treatment approaches, eating disorders, somatic experiencing, and nervous system regulation. They are committed to equity and engage in ongoing consultations to ground my approaches in oppression resistance and sustainable, transformative change.