What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is an integrative eye-mind-body approach for healing! Children and adults can use Brainspotting to release unprocessed trauma in your nervous system. Simply put, Brainspotting helps your brain feel the difference between being safe and being in danger. Once your body processes the experiences, you will feel and function better!


Brainspotting "appears to activate the brain’s innate self-scanning and self-healing capacities in a neurobiologically and relationally attuned interpersonal encounter. 

In Brainspotting, a person’s brain-body activation around a particular issue is paired with a relevant eye and orienting position, called a Brainspot."

"Brainspots access neurophysiological systems that hold emotional and/or physical experiences in an often wordless, but “felt” form of memory. Within the clinical and neurobiological relationship, your brain-body systems can re-regulate and ground itself in the present."


Baumann, M. (2020). Brainspotting with Children and Adolescents: An Attuned Treatment Approach for Effective Brain-Body Healing. Mag. Monika Baumann. 


Brainspotting is for everyone. Everyone’s Brainspotting experience is unique. Experience healing for yourself with our trained Brainspotting professional, Crystal Hardy. They’d love to join you on your journey to healing.

Learn more here! https://brainspotting.com/about-bsp/what-is-brainspotting/

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