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I'm crys.

I hold two degrees in ASL/Interpreting and Clinical Mental Health Counseling and am pursuing a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a focus in Neuropsychology. I center my work on holistic* tools grounded in meaningful safety, autonomy, and healing. I've completed continuing education in assessments, trauma processing and recovery approaches (e.g., forced immigration, domestic violence, sexual assault, relational trauma), Deaf mental health care, transdiagnostic treatment approaches, eating disorders, somatic experiencing and nervous system regulation. I am committed to equity and engage in ongoing consultations to ground my approaches in oppression resistance and sustainable, transformative change.

*holistic: intentional breathwork, trauma-informed somatic experiencing, energetic/spiritual practices, communal resources as intuited from my ancestors and community and framed by my trainings from Lenaya Crawford's Holistic Therapist Academy and Armaan Malde's Sacred Geo Learning.

What are sessions like with you?

Clients will be held with gentle firmness in a space co-created together. intentionally designed for exploration, creativity, and healing sprinkled with realness, joy, and humor - H E A V Y on the sprinkles, haha.

When clients leave your office, how do you want them to feel?

I want my clients to feel hopeful, connected, informed, and supported.

How are you spending your weekends and free time?

I'm probably hiking/walking a trail, dancing, reading at a park, laughing with friends, or kayaking.

If you feel drawn to my profile, let's briefly connect, and see if we would be a good fit! Book a session with crys by clicking here or through the portal below.

Meet crys hardy

Meet crys hardy



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